Cedarville News 12-12-13

The CEO's Holiday House turned out pretty nice with a decent crowd. There were several nice crafts and a good meal.

In spite of the rainy evening, the Senior Center Christmas Ball was a great success. There was a nice attendance and a great meal with a lot of dancing.

Sat. my 4-H Club had a very busy day. We decorated the wagon for the float, went to the nursing home and visited the residents with a card and ornament that they made for them.

We ate at McDonald's and were in the Christmas Parade, which was quite chilly.

Our sympathy goes out to the Kimble family and the White family on the loss of their loved ones. They will be missed by their family and friends.

Happy Birthday Wishes go out to Lorene Wolfe and Charley Jenkins on their Birthdays.

We want to remember all of the sick and the Soldiers in our prayers. Helpful Hints You won't need sugar with your tea if you drink Jasmine tea or the lighter-bodied varieties, like Formosa Oolong, which have their own natural sweetness. They are fine for sugarless iced tea, too.

Try placing fresh or dried mint in the bottom of hot chocolate for a zesty taste.

Never boil coffee; it brings out the acid and causes a bitter taste. Store coffee in the refrigerator or freezer to retain the fresh flavor.