Around the Kitchen Table

Spending the Holiday with Family

Thirty of my family was at my house for Thanksgiving dinner. It was cold and snowy outside and everyone ate in the kitchen, living room, bedrooms and where every they could find a place to set down. I really enjoyed the day with my family. We had lots of delicious food and I am still eating leftovers.

The weather this year was not very good for hunters except for those lucky people who had hunting cabins with heaters. We had some heavy rain, snow and really cold days during the hunting season. I do not think many of my deer are gone, but like always when deer season opens the deer disappears.

Son Steven's family is having a lot of sickness. Kathy's son John's twins had their tonsils took out on Mon. after Thanksgiving, his son Cooper is in the hospital with an infection in his adenoids. Cooper will have his adenoids taken out as soon as he is able.

Son Steven's granddaughter Brianna entered the UMV Hospital on Tuesday to receive treatment for her cystic fibrosis. She might have to stay for a week. I saw one of those nice little cabins go up Cub Fork one day last week. I wondered if someone's chickens got a new home or maybe it might be a hunting cabin or a guest cabin.

Daughter Jo Ann took me to Flatwoods to renew my driving license. I had the many items required to prove that I am a resident of the U.S. They did not need all my papers. I was surprised.

I will be 85 years old Sun. Dec. 8. I have been getting some surprise birthday cards from relatives and friends. Thanks everyone.

The weatherman tells us we might have flooding and heavy snow this weekend. If this is fall, I wonder what winter will bring.