Around the Kitchen Table...

Hunting Deer but Eating Turkey

Recently sister Caren and husband Dana White hosted the Ira and Myrtle (Meadows) Minney family reunion and this picture was taken of Ira and Myrtle's grandchildren. Eugene, Harold, Rondal, Caren and I were Ira and Myrtle's oldest daughter Ena (Minney) Allen's children. Ruth Hughart's father, Renis, was Ira and Myrtle's youngest son. Vernon Hunt was Aunt Cressie (Minney) Hunt's son. Rondal Allen drove from NC, Vernon from PA, Ruth from Kenna WV and the rest were from Gilmer Co. Sister Connie lives in CA and was unable to attend. We all enjoyed the get together. Thanks Caren and Dana.

Last Sun. night we were hit with a hard windstorm. There was lots of wind damage and some flooding. Gilmer Co. missed the worst of the storm. Several trees were downed and limbs blown down but no bad damage that I heard of.

Last week the Thimbles and Threads Quilt Guild met and worked on a "Quilt of Valor." This quilt is to be given to a wounded WV veteran. This is the second Quilt of Valor our quilt club has made.

Deer season began Mon. morning. There were more deer hunters on Crooked Fork than there were residents. Deer seem to be very plentiful this year. Their food might get scarce this winter. Deer hunting week is a Gilmer Co holiday and schools shut down so the school boys can hunt the first three days of the season like everyone else. Deer have changed to their dark winter colors and are really hard to see in the woods on the brown hillsides.

There were no deer when Mom and Dad were growing up and I think I saw my first deer sometime in the 1950's. I remember hearing people talk about going on the mountains to deer and bear hunt when I was growing up. They can now hunt from their porch.

Most of my family planned to spend Thanksgiving Day at my house. Deer hunting has always been their favorite hunting season. They all try to plan their vacation time during deer season. Son Danny and family came in from Romney, WV, son Steven and wife Kathy came in from Winchester, VA. Son Tim's daughter Leslie her husband Caleb Turner and children Bradley, Luke and Emily came up from SC and granddaughter Sherry Stewart and son Noah came up from Beckly to spend Thanksgiving Day with us. I am glad I didn't have to do all of the cooking, just the turkey.

I talked to neighbors Howard and Nancy Wankmuller and they also had a big family Thanksgiving turkey dinner. Their son Caraway, his wife and two children and their daughter Mariam and daughter all spent the day with them. Howard is from England and he said growing up they had turkey for Christmas but Thanksgiving was not a holiday there. Howard said they now have two turkey holidays.

Howard, Caraway and Mariam were three of Ralph's favorite helpers when he was living. I do not think they could have farmed after his kids grew up without Howard and his family's help.

Son Danny and wife Melinda are going to have a busy basketball season. Their oldest son, Austin, made the Varsity team at his Romney, WV, School and youngest son Adam is on his Capon Bridge WV team. Danny and Melinda will be attending basketball games at two schools. Sounds like a busy winter.