While children are being confused and heart broken by being taken from their parents at the Mexican-U.S. border these days, there are West Virginia children right here in Gilmer County who need to find Foster Parents, according to Jessica Greenlief, Executive Director of the county’s Family Resource Network (FRN).

To that end, she called in the Pressley Ridge social service workers to explain foster care to the couples who attended the Thurs., June 29 public meeting at the Presbyterian Church of Glenville.

Ms. Susie Haught, B.A.,B.S, TLSW, a Pressley Ridge social worker with childrens’ services, laments that there are 65,000 foster children in the state, but only 1,300 foster families. “A lot of babies are out there, but very few foster parents to care for them,” she sighs, adding, “We try to keep the children in the same schools and same county, if possible. In that way, the transition to foster care is easier on them.”

See this weeks paper for the rest of the story...


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