One truism that you can say about West Virginians in general and Gilmer Countians in particular is that when neighbors or co-workers are in need, our citizens come to their rescue. One case in point was last Sun., June 3rd’s Spaghetti Benefit Dinner for Barbara Runyon (not pictured, due to being too bashful). She’s the Head Cook at Gilmer County High School who, last May, suffered from a collapsed lung — a dangerous condition. This put her in ICU for several days which ran up her medical expenses beyond what the insurance would pay.

Seeing her problem and feeling her financial stress, her co-workers and their families held the benefit dinner at the high school cafeteria and raised approximately $1,100.00. A great effort, in part, by these “Folks Who Shine” in this picture from left to right: Lynette Boggs, Marshall Cottrill, and Dendra Miller. They also had additional help from Judy Smith and other well-wishers, such as Justin Carter and Jeff Smith who provided musical entertainment, Kim Frymier who was the greeter, as well as Principal Nasia Butcher who was also on hand. Also, many friends donated desserts for the occasion. Hence, kudos to all of these kind volunteers who helped another good person with her medical expenses! Keep up your good cheer, Barbara! DHC, Sr., Pub.-Ed.


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