The Fri., March 2, 2018 meeting of the Gilmer County Commission was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by President Larry Chapman, and, after the Pledge of Allegiance, the meeting quickly got down to business.

With the Courthouse’s Courtroom situation getting out of hand, President Chapman called for action on the terrible acoustical problems in the room. Commissioner Brian Kennedy contacted someone he knew in the area regarding acoustic issues. This lead to a call to Tectum, Inc. of Columbus, Ohio and, finally, to Charleston Acoustics in WV. The Commissioners spoke to a representative there about the issue and the company promised to call back the week of March 5 and get someone up to look at the courtroom situation before the 9th. The Commissioners agreed this was a step in a positive direction.

See this weeks paper for the rest of the story...


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