Folks Who Shine! 7-21-16

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U.S. CONGRESSMAN VISITS GLENVILLE ... TO LISTEN — On this Tues., July 19, U.S. Congressman David McKinley (R-1st Dist.) paid one of his regular visits to Gilmer County, mainly to get a pulse on the area’s economy. He met with many local Oil & Gas Industry people, businessmen and the press. In describing his roundtable discussion at the WACO office, he stressed that the major theme of interest is to have President Barack Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency to “take a break” from their War on Fossil Fuels in order to put West Virginia’s laid off natural gas and coalfield employees back to work. “We‘ve got to get a true picture of this situation here and let people all over America see what hardships we’re dealing with in WV,” he outlined. Because Congressman McKinley truly cares about this county, our people and regularly holds roundtable discussions here, he very much merits our “Folks Who Shine” honor this week.

DHC, Sr., Publisher-Editor

GSC invites community to help ‘welcome’ incoming students

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On Friday, August 19, new students will be welcomed to Glenville State College (GSC) for the 2016-2017 academic school year. Students will use Friday and the weekend to become acquainted with the school and community before classes begin on Monday, August 22.

To help the new students learn about the Glenville community—including local businesses, churches, and other groups that might interest them—GSC is hosting a “Community and Campus Organization Fair.”

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At City Council — Folk Festival no longer to get ‘free ride’ in the park

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The West Virginia State Folk Festival’s obligation to the city for the use of the Town Square Park was a topic broached at the Mon., July 11 Glenville City Council meeting.

We need some fee for the upkeep of the city park from the Folk Festival Committee,” stated Mayor Dennis Fitzpatrick to the City Councilpersons, quickly grimacing, “They charge the food vendors $350.00 apiece for operating their snack foods there. They are using city owned property, and we have to maintain it.”

Some discussion followed and it was decided that the Mayor would approach the Festival Committee to see about its willingness to pay a rental fee. In past years, the Gilmer County Family Resource Network (FRN) had created and operated the park, but the upkeep monies came from a federal grant. When the park was deeded to the city, however, the grant period ended.

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Folks Who Shine! 7-13-16

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THE IVAN PARKER CONCERT ... stirs the hearts and souls of the area’s gospel music lovers at the First Baptist Church of Glenville on last Sun. evening, July 10. A noted Nashville gospel singer, Ivan (center) wooed the audience with both new and old church selections, with his son, Josh (left, background), providing a new and faster twist to the old favorites with his guitar. These are truly “Folks Who Shine!” DHC, Sr.

Ivan Parker & son delight crowd

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First Baptist Church Preacher Kenny Fisher got last Sunday evening’s well-publicized “Ivan Parker Gospel Sing” off to a good start with a prayer for all in those faithful in need of it.

A well-known Nashville gospel singer, Ivan Parker is rapidly becoming a lagend in his musical preaching mission, at least here in Glenville where he’s been performing for the past 18 years. But, at the outset, he mentioned that he couldn’t do it alone, relaying, “Ike and Sue (Morris) work these details out for me every year. I’m thankful for that!”

Then, he explained that this year his youngest son, Josh, was joining him, and he’s very talented on the guitar. Before starting to sing, he also joked, “My family is blessed as Josh got married to a wonderful girl on December 19, so now he’s learning how to use a vacuum cleaner.” (Laughter)

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A new sign — Help ‘Smokey the Bear’ to prevent forest fires in Gilmer County & WV

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Division of Forestry recently put up the new Smokey the Bear fire damage level sign outside of the Gilmer County Volunteer Fire Department. Doing the work were Joe Jelich (left), Jon Wilson (center), and Jesse King (right). “This is how the county will know when it's safe to burn.” Jesse King states. Residents of Gilmer County; Make sure to check the sign before deciding to burn to keep our area safe.

We want to alert all people in Gilmer County about the ‘Smokey the Bear’ fire prevention sign now at the Glenville Fire Dept.’s station,” emphasizes Jesse King, the Fire Forester for Gilmer County.

The big sign, which shows the levels of potential forest fires, changes, according to the weather conditions, he further explains.

Mr. King, a Braxton County native who is a 2014 Glenville State Forestry graduate in Natural Resources Management, indicates that a lot of counties want these signs, but not all of them get them. “We got ours after a long wait, but the Gilmer County Fire Dept. was determined to get this one,” he asserts, with a smile.

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