Lewis County girl, Aliayah Lunsford’s, body still missing

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According to the Lewis County Sheriff’s Department, Lena Lunsford hit her daughter, Aliayah Lunsford, in the head with a solid, handheld object, which caused her death on or about September 24, 2011 inside their home.

Initially, the child was reported missing, so an extensive search was made of the area, and, later, federal investigators were brought in to find the girl. All leads, then, led to dead ends.

Witnesses who were in the home at the time said Aliayah fell to the ground immediately after she was hit, according to court documents.

Deputies said Lena Lunsford did not initially provide help or medical assistance to Aliayah, who was “visibly suffering from the trauma.” Lena Lunsford would not let anyone in the home help the child or call 911, deputies allege.

Aliayah died within hours of the strike, authorities recount.

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A news commentary — ‘Black Friday’: A View of the Day from a Retail Employee

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Brandy Smith (L) and Megan Sprouse (R)

For most people, Thanksgiving is a time for gathering with friends and family to enjoy a big turkey dinner and watch the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, followed by football. But, this tradition has been fading in recent years.

The replacement for family time is to have a quick meal, then make a strategy to get the best prices on hot ticket items at the stores that are open on Thanksgiving Day and the next day, “Black Friday.”

In last year’s issue following Thanksgiving, there was a story on the shopping experience of beating the crowds on Black Friday. This year, I braved the crowds to work as an employee at a popular retailer on the biggest shopping day of the year to see the other side.

Old Navy is a popular clothing retailer with over 1,000 stores nationwide that boast sales of over $6 billion per year amongst their stores.

This includes the Old Navy in the Meadowbrook Mall in Bridgeport.

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THE FAMILY THAT GIVES OF THEMSELVES TOGETHER ... smiles and has fun together. And, that symbolizes the Lloyd and Connie Stewart family, as they have made it a Gilmer County tradition to give to others when those other folks might need it the most. One such example is their small church’s “Gilmer County Community Thanksgiving Dinner,” but, let it be known, this family did it all on this past Thanksgiving evening, Nov. 24. Pastor Lloyd (third from right) says they’ve sponsored it for the past 10 years, but at different places. This year it was held at the Glenville Presbyterian Church, although his newly formed and struggling New Found Freedom Baptist Church on SR 33 is the sponsor. “We enjoy doing it, and we cooked up 10 turkeys and two hams, plus the other traditional Thanksgiving side dishes, not forgetting the delicious Pumpkin Pie for dessert. The diners had no complaints and were edified with the Stewarts’ generosity and concern for the lonely, the poor and those needing to be cheered up for the holiday. From left to right are the couple’s kindly helpers — all Stewarts — Lloyd says with pride: Courtney, Brian, Mandy, Connie, (Lloyd), David and Crystal. Normally, they serve this dinner from 5-to-7 p.m., but they’d like for the public to give them feedback if there’s a better time. Connie’s email is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Because this family has cheered up many needy people desiring to feel the Thanksgiving spirit over the years, they certainly deserve our newspaper’s “Folks Who Shine” honor for this week.

David H. Corcoran, Sr. & Jr., Publisher & General Manager, respectively


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Despite a devastating loss against St. Marys in the second round of the playoffs, the Gilmer County High School Titan football team put in a season to remember, making school history with a perfect regular season and going into the playoffs, winning its 1st Round Game in Glenville. The Titans, under head coach Steve Shuff, put on quite a show two weekends ago under the night lights at Morris Stadium. A packed crowd of fans cheered them to victory. Kudos to the coaching staff, managers, support staff, and, most importantly, the players for giving Titan fans something to rally behind while there is so much hate in the world these days. This football season will be one that is talked about for years to come! Because of your dedication to the sport and bringing so much pride to Gilmer County, the Titan football team is this week’s “Folks Who Shine.” BBS, Reporter (Photo by Jamie Mullins, Sports Editor)

Welcome — Hunters to Gilmer County

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With the annual Buck Deer Hunting Season now in progress, we editors and Gilmer Countians take this opportunity to say, "Welcome, hunters, to our county, to Central West Virginia and to our ‘Wild and Wonderful’ state!"

The Cedarville Community Association, as always, was the first to greet you and to roll out the county's "red carpet" at its annual Deer Hunters Dinner on last Sunday evening. Also, at the Recreation Center this year, a Sunday morning “Buckwheat and Pancake Breakfast was available to those who wanted to get a hearty start for the last day of hunting preparations, before going out into the woods on Mon. morning, Nov. 21. Moreover, on Sunday, the weather cooperated with some snow flurries to get the bucks moving around to find food and YOU.

We wish you all well in your yearly hunts, a time of vacation for most of you and respite from your daily working routines. For others, it is, perhaps, a good reason to return to your home county in order to partake of your family's delicious Thanksgiving dinners. Then again, some of you may be here just for the good hunting and the comradeship with fellow hunters and friends. Whatever the reason you're here, we welcome you, and invite you to eat in our local restaurants, shop in our area's stores, and enjoy the beautiful scenery which draws many people back here year after year.

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Election’s end put on hold; loser challenges Facemire

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Happy Thanksgiving and best of luck to our local hunters,” wished Commission President Larry Chapman and Commissioners John Bennett and Brian Kennedy to Gilmer Countians at the Fri., Nov. 18 regular meeting.

The meeting was set to start with certifying election results, but due to having to wait on another county, the certifying was rescheduled for this past Tues., Nov. 29. (Note: In the State Senate (Dist. 12) race, the Harrison County opponent of Sen. Doug Facemire, who won, has asked for a recount)

The Commissioners moved on to routine business approving the exonerations, consolidations, estate qualifications, and estate settlements.

There were no new board appointments to be suggested, but there are still openings on the Unsafe Buildings and Lands Enforcement Agency board and the Gilmer County Recreation Center’s Board of Directors.

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