Sand Fork tables ordinances, talk focuses on Sewer Project

Sand Fork held its monthly meeting Feb. 1, but lacked a quorum to vote and pass any items, including minutes from the January meetings. The floor was opened up for any public comments, which began with Janet Pritt objecting to plans for the Friend family to build a barn on their own property.

After both sides were given opportunities to speak, Mayor Jim Tatman told everyone present that the council would take everyone’s comments into consideration and “listen to everyone’s concerns.” Mrs. Burke Friend asked about getting her building permit and that was signed and approved at the close of the meeting.

Because Mayor Tatman and the council are working to rewrite the ordinances, the subject is presently on hold. He said everyone will have an opportunity to voice their opinions when the topic is put on the agenda in the future as no date was given.

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County Commission continued: ‘Holt House’ meeting this Fri.

In last week’s issue, the Gilmer County Commission story ended with the report of some of the going ons at the Jan. 22 meeting.

The meeting continued with unfinished business. With the request for funds from three different agencies denied, there was only the information regarding the levy request from the Fire Department and Ambulance Service left. It was determined that the maximum request allowed is 7.15% and they are currently at 3%. Therefore, the amounts that the two ententes are asking for is possible, but both parties must put their requests in writing with the dollar amount to be able to change the levy distribution funds.

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GSC Residence Hall students find fun in Gilmer’s ‘Big Snow’

These Glenville State College students weren't going to let Fri.-Sun, Jan. 22-24th's 21-inch snowfall go for

naught. (Staff photo by Dave Corcoran, Sr.)

When first starting to write my parts of this edition on last Friday afternoon, it was nearly 5 p.m. and the snow was coming down a lot faster and heavier. "Can I get home tonight?", I was then asking myself.

Although Friday is normally a busy day at this newspaper, with advertisements and community news notices coming in for next week's newspaper, it was — nontypical— as quiet as a tomb here on that afternoon. The phone didn't even ring. If it did, I was outside shoveling snow, like most other business people and residents in and out of town.

All at once, though, I heard the sound of laughter, arousing my curiosity. Since no Glenville State College students reside in Pickens Hall anymore, the joyful sounds of young people are usually nonexistent.

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Winter Storm Jonas hits the Mountain State leaving over 20” of snow

City Square Snow

Winter has finally arrived in West Virginia! With just a slight dusting thus far into the season, folks were pleased to see that winter had at last appeared. What most people weren’t expecting though was the 20+ inches we received nearly overnight.

Winter Storm Jonas moved into the area rather quickly, coating the roads and buildings shortly after noon on Fri., Jan. 22. With knowledge of the storm coming, many businesses and the schools had closed to ensure the safety of our citizens, giving them ample time to get home before the roads became too treacherous.

Snow continued overnight on Friday into Saturday, when it finally tapered off mid-morning and stopped completely early that evening. Folks began clearing out the many inches of fluffy snow we received. Neighbors came together to help out each other, shoveling and plowing where they could to help someone in need.

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