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This is Only a Drill!

Richwood couple comes to help Create WV

By David H. Corcoran, Sr.,

Publisher-Sr. Editor

Like the Folk Festival's annual prelude, one of Glenville and Gilmer County's largest fests is rapidly approaching with a hurry and scurry, but these preparations may be escaping the general public's eye.

Most of the 7th Annual Create WV Convention/Festival will take place at the new WACO Center on Mineral Road from Oct. 26-28, but the organizers also want to "bring it into town" for the public and commercial districts' benefits

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Gilmer County Commission elects Larry Chapman as new president after Pres. B. Kennedy steps down

By Brandy Smith,

News Reporter

In the Thurs., Oct. 2 Special Session meeting of the Gilmer County Commission, Brian Kennedy submitted his resignation as President of the Commission.

Mr. Kennedy felt he could not continue to be an adequate president, due to taking a job at Frame's Oilfield Services and being out of town multiple times each week. The commission accepted his resignation and chose to elect Larry Chapman, a longtime commission member and Glenville businessman, as the new Gilmer County Commission president. Mr. Kennedy will continue to be a commissioner of Gilmer County and Mr. Chapman took over the presidential position immediately.

Also at the Special Session, the commission approved a grant resolution.

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Former Gilmer County man lectures on fall and winter pasture management


The Gilmer County Farm Bureau hosted their first dinner with an educational speaker on Tues., Sept. 30 at the Gilmer County Senior Center.

The topic for the evening's discussion was fall and winter pasture management, a very interesting topic for the farmers and other folks in attendance.

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Postmaster Pam Bonnett says, “Good-bye”

By David H. Corcoran, Sr.,

Publisher-Sr. Editor

It's often hard to say, “Good-bye,” to not only a helpful public servant who is retiring, but also a friend whose made the day for many of her patrons at several different post offices over the past 29 years.

But, for Pam Bonnett, Troy's postmaster for the past decade, retiring and saying “Farewell” was easy, because she did it with her typical smile and isn't leaving the area, either.

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New benches and walkway installed at Gilmer County Senior Center

The Gilmer County Senior Center, under the director of Mrs. Sallie Mathess, recently received donations from former Senior Center members that were used to potentially change the lives of the members who use the benefits.

Normally, projects at the Senior Center are funded by Community Partnership grants, but the Center is never sure when they will actually be receiving those funds.

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CRI taking steps to address the needs of Gilmer County

Community Resources, Inc. (CRI) is committed to understanding, anticipating, assessing, and, ultimately, addressing the needs in our region.

Beginning in the fall of this year, Community Resources, Inc. will form a collaborative work group with local elected officials, community-based organizations, city council members, and current clients within an 11 county region known as northwestern WV.

A collaborative community needs assessment will be conducted to evaluate and gain a better understanding of our region's needs as it relates to under-resourced families.

It is the hope that after the assessment is completed, Community Resources, Inc. will be able to better identify specific issues and needs facing our community. We will be able to better evaluate how those needs are being met in order to better connect residents with services in the multi-county region.

If you are interesting in completing the assessment and making your community a better place to live, please visit our website at, Facebook page at or reach us by phone at 304-485-5525/

We thank you in advance for your time and dedication to your community by completing our needs assessment. 

Newspaper website is back

For over a year, has been, for all practical purposes, either "off or on" or "out of commission." Now, however, the site has been redesigned and is being updated weekly, sometimes more often as breaking news comes in.

The website was designed by local businessman Stanley McLaughlin II, who owns Data Solutions. Kristal Sheets is now managing the web page.

Having lived in Glenville between 2001 and 2004, Sheets has returned to Glenville after being gone for several years. She was a contributor to the paper during most of time she lived in Glenville, and in 2005, she, as editor, won a WV Press Association award for "Best Columnist" for a 2004 submission to her column titled "Don't Get Me Started." 

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WV's Future???

Election Day, Nov. 4, is nearing ... are you ready?

The crucial 2014 General Election is impending, in fact, it is to take place on Tues., Nov. 4- less than three weeks away.

Are you ready for it?

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Glenville State College alumni to the 'Homecoming 2014...

Welcome ...

With Glenville State College's gala "Homecoming 2014" taking place this weekend, we editors wish to extend a most warm welcome to all GSC alumni, their families, friends and the many other visitors to our fair city of Glenville to enjoy the festivities.

Most importantly, we want to commend the school's administrators, professors and students for their volunteer participation and hard working efforts to pull off these mega events, particularly the annual parade, game and related activities this week and on Saturday.

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Political candidates ought to address the issues, not their opponents' laundry

On the trail-

West Virginia has the nationwide image of being a poverty stricken state. Nevertheless, should this be?

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Ex-Congressman Ken Hechler turned 100 & other thoughts on a long life

On longevity –

On September 20, 2014, the Honorable Ken Hechler, who is West Virginia's elder statesman having served over three decades in both the U.S. Congress and W.V. Secretary of State's office, became a centenarian. But, his 100 years of lifetime achievements weren't defined by just his progressive and successful political career, because in those in-between times, he became noted as a World War II hero and historian, an assistant to President Harry Truman as a reseacher, an accomplished author (one of his 10 books being made into a movie, The Bridge at Remagen) and a dedicated college teacher (always seeking to encourage the younger generation to excel and to make the world a little bit better place to live).

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Gilmer's Farm Show highlights week

In progress–

The Gilmer County Farm Show is now in progress at the Recreation Center, and it truly provides good recreation for the whole family.

Moreover, the annual agricultural festival's events will run through this Sat. afternoon, Sept. 6.

By the time you pick up this newspaper or get it in the mail, Thursday's programs will be in full swing. If you have displays of garden produce, handicrafts, art works or student 4-H or FFA projects, be sure to have them in the dining hall between 8 a.m. and noon, because the judging, which is closed to the public, takes place between 1-and-5 p.m. Then, the doors open for the public to see who won the prized ribbons.

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Little Kanawha Bus Company needs 'more ridership' Gilmer!

We editors were recently questioned about if the Little Kanawha Bus service can "make a financial go of it" here in Gilmer County. All we can say is: "It's still running, but, maybe, at half speed or one-fourth of capacity." Truly, this public service really needs a boost.
To increase ridership, our suggestion is that the service's management make contact with the agencies and places that would most benefit from its services, notably the college, senior center, Historical Society, the downtown and Hays City merchants, among others. In that way, the bus line can create special trips to accommodate the specific clienteles. Or, with the senior center, maybe even arrange day mini-vacation trips to historic and scenic sites around the Mountain State. In fact, this senior editor would be happy to give a tour of the historic Southern West Virginia Coalfields to any area groups who'd want that type of day long excursion. Seeing the hometown of the Rocket Boys, the first Head Start School, the only World War I Colored War Memorial Building in the United States, and other landmarks of the coal mining history. Yes, we editors will help the LK Busline, if asked.

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Area Briefs 10-16-2014

~~~~~ Correction & Apology ~~~~~

Due to a computer glitch on our newspaper's part, last week's Oct. 9th's Courthouse News- in one respect- was inaccurate. We editors therefore apologize to Wayne Cottrill (Sr.) and family for the inaccurate reporting that Wayne Cottrill (Jr.) was sentenced to 110 years and 220 years in prison for the offenses that he'd been charged with and tried for. To the contrary, the junior Cottrill was sentenced to “one-to-10 years and two-to-20 years” in prison, with the time he's already spent in jail counting toward satisfying those totals.

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Area Briefs 10-09-2014

Urgent: Last day of voter's registration is Tues.

To vote in West Virginia's hotly-contested 2014 political races on the upcoming General Election Day of Tues., Nov. 4, local citizens must register to vote in the Gilmer County Courthouse, if they are not already signed up. So, if you haven't registered here in Gilmer County or elsewhere, do so ASAP.

The deadline for registering to vote is next Tues., Oct. 14, which is only about a few days from now.

To register, please bring to the County Clerk's Office at the Courthouse several forms of identification, including a photo I.D. and utility bill with your current address. After registering, you will be able to vote in the general election, or to take advantage of the pre-voting options, such as early voting and absentee voting.

Contact County Clerk Jean Butcher or her staff at 304-462-7641 to answer any questions. Also, see the related editorial and the “Corcoran Column” on page 3A.

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GSC Announces 2014 Montrose and Williams Award Winners

Jon Rasnick and Sammi Moore to be recognized at Homecoming

Provided by GSC Sports Info

Glenville State College and Glenville State Athletic Department would like to congratulate Sammi Moore and Jon Rasnick as they have been named the 2014 Williams and Montrose Award winners.

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