Newspaper website is back

For over a year, has been, for all practical purposes, either "off or on" or "out of commission." Now, however, the site has been redesigned and is being updated weekly, sometimes more often as breaking news comes in.

The website was designed by local businessman Stanley McLaughlin II, who owns Data Solutions. Kristal Sheets is now managing the web page.

Having lived in Glenville between 2001 and 2004, Sheets has returned to Glenville after being gone for several years. She was a contributor to the paper during most of time she lived in Glenville, and in 2005, she, as editor, won a WV Press Association award for "Best Columnist" for a 2004 submission to her column titled "Don't Get Me Started." 

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Gilmer County Recreation Center gets $2,254 check for improvements

By Brandy Smith,

News Reporter

After another year of a successful Farm Show held at the Gilmer County Recreation Center, some of the buyers donated back to the Farm Bureau which, in turn, contributed $2,254 to the Gilmer County Recreation Center to help with the improvement projects Mr. Darrel Ramsey, Director of the Recreation Center, has planned.

This particular check will be added to the two $1,000 donations that were previously given by private contributors to go towards the bathroom update and office at the Dining Hall.

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Glenville Water Line Update: Project Ahead of Schedule: Next Step: Hays City..

By Brandy Smith

Staff Reporter

After a meeting with the staff at Glenville Utility, Glenville Newspapers has learned that the water line project for Glenville is 65% complete. Good news is that the project was contracted to be completed in February 2015, but with the hard work from crews, they are ahead of schedule and plan to be finished with the project by Thanksgiving this year.

The project, which has been in the planning stages for over eight years, upgrades to the water lines around town to give customers a better source of water. They are replacing the lines that have been in the ground for many years and have developed build-up inside of them, making it difficult for water to flow and sometimes even giving customers dirt in their water at times. The new lines are plastic and concrete lined to prevent the build-up from occurring again, thus giving the customers of Glenville Utility the best possible water.

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Communities must be understanding, change and adapt to new racial mixes

The recent turmoil in Ferguson, MO should alert communities across America that with time ... people, conditions, and other things change. There, protesting violently, burning of buildings and looting of stores erupted after a white policeman shot and killed a black youth, who had allegedly held his hands up and pleaded “not to shoot.”

Before 1970, Ferguson, a suburb of St. Louis, MO, had a 99 percent white population, but by 2010, more of a racial mix existed, with 67 percent being black, 29 percent white and 4 percent other. At the same time, the city council and police force remained mainly white in composition. As to the police department, it is currently 94 percent white and only 6 percent black. Thus, this racial divide, in greater part, set the stage for the racial unrest and rioting during a week and a half long period in August. No doubt, the end of the summer's hot spell in that humid Mississippi River valley town didn't help to ease tempers, either. Hostility grew so intense between the protesters and Ferguson police that Missouri Governor Jay Nixon sent in the state's Highway Patrol, which is equivalent to our West Virginia State Police, to calm the unruly crowds and protect the suburb's property.

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Gilmer's Farm Show highlights week

In progress–

The Gilmer County Farm Show is now in progress at the Recreation Center, and it truly provides good recreation for the whole family.

Moreover, the annual agricultural festival's events will run through this Sat. afternoon, Sept. 6.

By the time you pick up this newspaper or get it in the mail, Thursday's programs will be in full swing. If you have displays of garden produce, handicrafts, art works or student 4-H or FFA projects, be sure to have them in the dining hall between 8 a.m. and noon, because the judging, which is closed to the public, takes place between 1-and-5 p.m. Then, the doors open for the public to see who won the prized ribbons.

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Little Kanawha Bus Company needs 'more ridership' Gilmer!

We editors were recently questioned about if the Little Kanawha Bus service can "make a financial go of it" here in Gilmer County. All we can say is: "It's still running, but, maybe, at half speed or one-fourth of capacity." Truly, this public service really needs a boost.
To increase ridership, our suggestion is that the service's management make contact with the agencies and places that would most benefit from its services, notably the college, senior center, Historical Society, the downtown and Hays City merchants, among others. In that way, the bus line can create special trips to accommodate the specific clienteles. Or, with the senior center, maybe even arrange day mini-vacation trips to historic and scenic sites around the Mountain State. In fact, this senior editor would be happy to give a tour of the historic Southern West Virginia Coalfields to any area groups who'd want that type of day long excursion. Seeing the hometown of the Rocket Boys, the first Head Start School, the only World War I Colored War Memorial Building in the United States, and other landmarks of the coal mining history. Yes, we editors will help the LK Busline, if asked.

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Area Briefs 09-11-2014

Rosa Belle Cunningham to be awarded Martha & Marys' “Helping Hands” honor

A Gilmer County native, Cancer Society fund-raiser and area civic leader will be recognized for her years of selfless service to area people with the Martha & Marys' highest honor, the “Helping Hands” award. Rosa Belle Cunningham, a longtime Kanawha Drive Community resident, is to be honored at 3 p.m. on Sun., Sept. 21 during a special testimonial program and reception at the Glenville Presbyterian Church. The Marthas & Marys, a Gilmer County ecumenical Christian women's organization, invites the general public to attend this ceremony. More information about Mrs. Cunningham will be in next week's newspaper.

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Mary Elizabeth Shaver, age 92, of Glenville, departed this life on Monday, September 1, 2014 at the home of her Caregiver, Reka Verton in Heaters.

Born March 11, 1922 in Braxton County, daughter of the late George Adam and Margaret Naomi Watson Cosner.






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